Authority of the Terms of Business

Our Appointment is for an initial period of 12 months, unless otherwise agreed. You the Landlord agree that you appoint BNR Lettings and Sales in connection with our services under this Agreement and the Tenancy Agreement. You the Landlord authorise BNR Lettings and Sales to enter the Property and take all reasonable steps in regard to our appointment as the Agent under this Agreement, without any obligation to do so on our part.

If the Letting continues from the term agreed in the Original Tenancy Agreement, or if you agree to a continuation, extension or renewal of the term original agreed in the Original Tenancy Agreement. Or you grant any new Tenancy Agreement to the same Tenant or any person introduced or nominated by the Original Tenant. Our commission will be payable as set out in our Lettings Services and Fees below for term of the new period in question or as per our New Tenancy Agreements signed.