When signing out your keys you will be given an Inventory form for you to complete and post back to the office within 7 days of your Tenancy Start Date.  This is for you to note and make us aware if there is any disagreement to the Schedule A of Condition if relevant and provided with your Tenancy Agreement.  If the Landlord has not provided a Schedule A of Condition or Inventory.  Still return your copy and we will email a copy back to you for your you’re record, make sure you supply photographs which need the time and date on them.

Photographs can be emailed to which is put forward to the Landlord as soon as received and is also used at the end of your Tenancy, in view of the deposit return.  Failure to return your Inventory copy to us will result in the Property Condition and Content being of good condition and in working order, of which will also be used at the end of your Tenancy in view of the Deposit, if your Inventory is not posted back to BNR Lettings and Sales.