Maintenance Responsibilities 

Depending on the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement, you will usually be responsible for the following: –

  • Topping up of the oil-fired central heating at the property. It is your responsibility to ensure this does not go below one quarter full. If it does and the heating subsequently fails, you will be liable for the cost of repair.
  • General upkeep of the garden. This must be maintained in a neat and tidy condition, with the grass mowed, weeds removed, and bushes and beds kept tidy. Established trees and shrubs must not be uprooted.
  • General cleanliness of the property. This means regular hoovering and dusting and cleaning of appliances and windows, both inside and out.
  • Removal of pests such as fleas, ants, wasps etc.
  • Legionella/ Legionnaires Disease prevention – since Nov 2014 Landlords have had new responsibilities with respect to the control of Legionella within the water systems and the prevention of Legionnaires Disease. A Risk Assessment should already have been carried out within the property by the Landlord or his/her representative however as a tenant and user of the water systems you have a legal responsibility to ensure that they continue to operate free from risk. We can provide you with all the guidance you need. You should ensure that the hot water remains above 50 degrees, the cold remains below 20 degrees and that any infrequently used outlets are run at least weekly. Showerheads too must be descaled and disinfected every 6 months.
  • Maintenance of access to the property. If you share a common entrance to your property, this must be kept clear and clean always. You (or others) may need this as an escape route in an emergency.
  • Changing of light bulbs and fuses. This is usually expected during a tenant’s occupation of the property.
  • Maintenance of all drains and gutters. These should be kept free flowing and any blockages which occur during the tenancy will usually be your responsibility unless other reasons are found.
  • Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, ensuring that the battery is kept in working order within any smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

If, during the Tenancy, you lose your keys, we will most probably be able to provide a management set (provided you have not changed the locks). Any new or additional keys provided will be charged to you and similarly if a lock change is required this will be at your cost (including the provision of new keys to all key holders) as per the below:


Lost keys or other Security Devices to include Key Fobs or Key cards

Tenant(s) are liable for the actual cost of replacing any lost Key(s) or Security Device(s).  If the loss results in locks needing to be changed the actual costs will be charged to the Tenant(s) of a:

  • Locksmith
  • New lock and replacement Key(s) or Security Device(s) to the Tenant, Landlord and any other persons requiring Key(s) or Security Device(s)

If extra costs are incurred there will be a charge of £30 (Inclusive of VAT) per hour for the time taken replacing lost Key(s) or Security Device(s).

If you Lock your Key(s) or Security Device(s) inside the property or your room or just need letting into the property.  Our Emergency Helpline can be at hand to assist you.  A charge of £30.00 (Inclusive of VAT) is payable before being let access to the property, telephone number: 07970 043688.


Maintenance Issues

It is your responsibility to inform the managing agent or landlord of any maintenance problems you experience, allowing contractors to be instructed promptly. Failure to report these issues could lead to further detriment to the property and subsequent costs to you at the end of the tenancy.

You must NOT instruct contractors yourself as invoices will not be paid without prior consent.  Please report your maintenance repairs to or in an Emergency call: 01509 767920.  The Emergency Contact number outside Office opening hours of 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and Bank Holidays is 07970 043688 for Emergencies only that cannot wait until the office re-opens.