The Day your Tenancy Starts

A meeting will be arranged with you to come to meet at the property. The Tenancy Agreement and any other relevant paperwork must be signed by all Tenants and all copies of the relevant certificates will be given to you.

We will ensure that the property is compliant with all the latest regulations and is in a clean and tidy condition. The garden (where relevant) will also be handed over to you in a neat and tidy condition.

It is The Tenant’s responsibility to read the meters and advise utility companies that you have moved in. All meters will be read before you move in and detailed on the inventory if we are managing the property.  We will provide Meter Reads and your contact details to the Utility Suppliers to the property and Council for Council Tax.  You need to call the Utility Providers and Council Tax Department at your local Council to complete the process and arrange bill payments.

BNR Lettings and Sales cannot be held responsible for utility accounts and it is the Tenant’s responsibility to ensure that all accounts are correctly set up and paid on time throughout the Tenancy and up until the Expiry date of the Tenancy.  If your property is inclusive of Utility Bills and Council Tax, BNR Lettings and Sales will complete this for you and the Landlord held responsible for the Utility Bills and Council Tax Accounts and Payment.

  1. We will advise suppliers of your new Tenancy, but it is up to the Tenant to contact Utility Suppliers to ensure the details are correct and set up payment to the Utility Suppliers.
  2. The local council will be advised of your new Tenancy and move in date.  It is up to you the Tenant to contact the Council to ensure details are correct and set up payment.

Any failure by you to advise the gas and electric suppliers could result in unnecessary administration costs should we have to deal with this on your behalf.

The keys will be provided to you the Tenant at this stage and you will be given full contact details of who will be managing the property.


Once In The Property

Your Landlord wants you to enjoy living at their property but, whilst it will be your home, you MUST obtain written permission to make any alterations to the property such as redecoration, hanging mirrors, pictures etc. Failure to gain such permission may result in you losing part (or even all) of your deposit at the end of the Tenancy.

If you receive any mail that is addressed ‘to the occupier’, please open this and advise us if there is anything we may need to know. If you receive anything else, please write ‘RTS’ on it and re-post.