Signing Tenancy Agreements

Do not sign the Tenancy Agreement unless you are certain you want to rent the property; the contract is a legally binding document.


Do’s and Don’ts

You will not normally be entitled to any ‘cooling off’ period, and the Landlord may not be prepared to cancel the agreement if you change your mind, after signing the Tenancy Agreements.

For example, you do not have the right:

  • To get out of the agreement if you find that the property is not as nice as you thought it was.
  • Because something important to you is not provided.

It is up to you to ask all the relevant questions before signing Tenancy Agreements. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed or pressured into signing against your better judgement, and before you have fully thought it through.

Be very careful who you share the property with, particularly if you are all signing the Tenancy Agreements – by doing this you are making yourself liable for their share of the rent as well as your own, and for the cost of any damage which they may do to the property. You should only sign a Tenancy Agreement with people you can trust. If you are in a shared property renting a room, you will be solely liable for your room and jointly and severally liable for the common parts. Remember these points when signing Tenancy Agreements.

Ensure you have a written contract; this is usually referred to as an AST – Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. This AST awards you the tenant to occupancy the property from a date to a date, this is usually a 6 -12-month contractual term.


Variation of Tenancy Agreement – Tenant(s) Request

£50.00 (Inclusive of VAT) per agreed variation – To cover the costs of the preparation and execution of new Legal Documentation and costs associated with taking Landlords Instructions.


Change of Sharer – Tenant(s) Request

£50.00 (Inclusive of VAT) Per replacement Tenant

To cover the costs of the new Tenant Referencing and Right to Rent Checks, Deposit Registration and the preparation and execution of the new Legal Documentation.  Also, costs associated with taking Landlords Instructions.